Navy Flight

The aircraft flew exactly as we expected - no surprises. The fuel works so well, all I needed to do was fly the plane.

- U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Tom Weaver, after flying demonstration flight fueled by camelina-based biojet fuel on April 22, 2010.

Good for America; Good for American farmers

Nearly 12 million barrels a day. That’s how much foreign oil we import in America.

Meanwhile, farm input costs continue to increase.

Sustainable Oils was created to address both challenges. The company develops new crops that produce oil here at home. As ingenious and industrious as our farmers, Sustainable Oils focuses on crops that use less moisture and fewer inputs to give growers the opportunity to produce a profitable crop even on marginal land.

Camelina is just such a crop, a unique oilseed that takes little moisture but is well-suited for biofuel production.

Our commitment to research enables our success and yours. We’ve built North America’s largest camelina research program with field testing locations across the U.S. and Canada to improve camelina yield, oil characteristics and agronomic practices.

Sustainable Oils has also led efforts to build a sustainable camelina industry for growers and end-users. We’ve built a network of growers, seed producers and dealers and established protocols for crop management, seed production and oil processing. We’ve worked with industry partners to build markets for camelina meal and developed partnerships to serve the exciting new aviation biofuels market.

Explore our site or contact us to learn more about camelina and production contracts.

What's New

Sustainable Oils is acquired by Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC.BB:GCEH)

Global Clean Energy acquires leading Camelina company Sustainable Oils, LLC. The acquisition significantly expands Global's portfolio of non-food based feedstocks to include the only novel energy crop approved by the EPA for RIN generation under the RFS.

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EPA approves Camelina pathway for RIN generation under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) - February 2013

EPA publishes final rule identifying Camelina as a fuel pathway that meets all regulatory requirements of the RSF, including a 50% GHG reduction over traditional fossil-fuel.

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