Sustainable Oils

"Camelina-based jet fuel is ready for liftoff. As recent military and commercial tests have demonstrated, it needs no additional research, development or technology."

- Scott Johnson, President of Sustainable Oils

Our People

President and General Manager

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PROFILE | Scott L. Johnson is an experienced senior executive with extensive experience in management, marketing, sales and business development. He has demonstrated success in the creation and execution of business and marketing strategies as well as leadership of high performance teams in the agricultural chemical, biotechnology, and seed markets for over 30 years. Scott has worked in, managed, or led businesses in all agricultural markets at all levels of the channel, including application, retail, wholesale, and manufacturers as well as actively participating in a family farming operation.

Academically trained as an entomologist (BS Entomology, University of California) and a marketer (MBA, California State University) Scott has kept his skills sharp through numerous executive education or company sponsored skill and leadership courses.

Director of Research

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PROFILE | Dr. Fernando Guillen-Portal is a key member of the Sustainable Oils research team, leading on-the-ground research efforts to develop new camelina varieties for Montana and other parts of the country as well as Canada. He has been conducting research on camelina since 2006, focusing on the development of new varieties of camelina with superior end-use characteristics and enhanced adaptability to a broad range of environmental conditions.

Fernando has worked as a research scientist at Montana State University’s Northwestern Agricultural Research Center in Kalispell, Montana, where he coordinated research and plant breeding activities for spring wheat and camelina. He has experience in breeding conventional crops like corn and spring wheat as well as alternative crops like grain amaranth, quinoa, and camelina.

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