Camelina is an annual plant with prolific small, pale-yellow flowers with four petals, attains heights of 1 to 3 feet and has branched stems that become woody at maturity. Leaves are arrow-shaped, sharp-pointed and about 3 inches long with smooth edges. Seed pods are the size and shape of a small pea. The seeds are very small, amounting to about 400,000 seeds per pound, and they are 40 percent oil, compared to 20 percent with soybeans.

camelina co-product utilization

Sustainable Oils is the leader in providing camelina oil for biofuel with contracts for delivery of fuel to both the US Air Force and Navy. Production of oil from camelina grain results in several co-products. About 60 percent of the weight of camelina grain is meal. We are conducting research to define the co-products, refine the processes for co-product development and enhance the sustainablility and value of the co-products.

Sustainable Oils has led efforts to verify the safety of camelina meal as an animal feed ingredient and submitted the first studies to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration that allowed the agency to recommend the use of camelina meal as a feed ingredient in broiler chickens and feed lot cattle.

Analyzing results of yield and oil composition testing
Analyzing results of yield and oil composition testing





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