Camelina is an annual plant with prolific small, pale-yellow flowers with four petals, attains heights of 1 to 3 feet and has branched stems that become woody at maturity. Leaves are arrow-shaped, sharp-pointed and about 3 inches long with smooth edges. Seed pods are the size and shape of a small pea. The seeds are very small, amounting to about 400,000 seeds per pound, and they are 40 percent oil, compared to 20 percent with soybeans.


Sustainable Oils takes great measures to ensure the highest-yielding, highest quality seeds for our growers and we are the leading producer of certified camelina seed in North America. We follow state and federal seed certification guidelines when producing seed for delivery to growers. Growers can count on weed-free, lab-tested seed when planting their camelina crop.

Currently, the majority of our camelina seed is produced by experienced growers in Montana, where we follow the state’s published standards for camelina. As markets expand, we will also expand seed production in those geographies.

Read more about the importance of good quality seed from camelina grower Richard Barber.

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