"A life cycle analysis of the carbon footprint of camelina-based biojet fuel concludes that the renewable fuel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 75% compared to traditional petroleum-based jet fuel, according to a peer-reviewed paper published in Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy ."

Sustainable Oils Grower Protocol

Sustainable Oils has worked with researchers and farmers across the country to test and identify the most effective management practices to maximize camelina production.  We strongly encourage our camelina growers to follow these management protocols in their camelina production.  Protocols have been reviewed by researchers and technical experts as well as farmers and agronomists.

As Sustainable Oils expands production regions across North America, we will work with regional researchers and producers to develop specific recommendations for each growing area.

Spring Seeding – Northern U.S.
Dormant or Fall Seeding – Northern U.S.
Fall Seeding – California

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